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Will through Discipline, Discipline through Courage.

"Will through Discipline, Discipline through Courage."

What does this maxim mean? We will develop the willpower to accomplish our greatest tasks through the dedication of repeated practice. Dedicated repeated practice is called Discipline.

Discipline to commit to a practice, Discipline to maintain a practice.

In order to embark on any self improvement practice in the first place, it takes a leap of faith to step outside our safety zone. That step needs courage. Those without courage, stay at home.

Courage creates Discipline

Discipline creates Willpower.

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Those that focus on form as opposed to substance will always end up disappointed. We strive to identify with ideal image of ourselves. Aligning our identity with whatever archetype we choose: Warrior, protector, healer, or survivor.

Stay Ready.

Doubt kills dreams more than failure.

Affirmation literally means “to make firm”. A practice of repeated affirmations, either positive or negative, will reinforce ideas in our subconscious. We eventually subconsciously believe what we continue to tell ourselves.

“I am not alone,
I always have my ancestors.
I am not afraid,
My true self is unwavering and undying.
I am not unhappy,
I am courageous and filled with gratitude.”

Self improvement isn’t self perfection.

It doesn’t all have to happen at once.

Self Mastery is victory.

We live in a society that falls for anything, because we are spoon fed media that doesn’t stand for anything. Except luxury, profit, convenience, dependency and obedience. They definitely propagate against people becoming strong, independent, and self reliant.

Becoming a warrior working in a garden, is better than a gardener trying to survive a war.

Establish a relationship with your highest ideal self. Walk a path towards meeting each other in real life. Even if you never quite get there, I’m sure they will applaud your effort.

If you fail a set at the gym, or your entrepreneurial project does not pan out, at least you challenged yourself enough to try.

When the mind and willpower fail the ability of the body, even a strong man cannot do a single push-up. Exercise the will through performing small uncomfortable tasks. Little by little it will grow stronger than you once could have imagined.

Like an ancient memory, we can remember a time before we were separated from our noble self. When we could touch our joy, our strength, our vitality. Before we tumbled down the side of the mountain. Dashed upon the rocks, we stumble around in a haze. Kings and queens with amnesia.

Do we even seek a pathway back up the summit?

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