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Iron Raven Hoodie (Left front and Full back)

Iron Raven Hoodie (Left front and Full back)

Surf the age of Quarrel with the Iron Raven at your shoulder... The raven is a common iconic figure in Norse mythology. The highest god Odin had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn ("thought" and "memory" respectively) who flew around the world bringing back tidings to their master. The raven appears in almost every skaldic poem describing warfare. To make war was to feed and please the raven...


"In black flocks, the ravens hover over the corpses and the skald asks where they are heading. The raven goes forth in the blood of those fallen in battle. He flies from the field of battle with blood on his beak, human flesh in his talons and the reek of corpses from his mouth. The ravens  Huginn and Muninn, increasingly had hellish connotations, and as early as in the Christian Sólarljóð, stanza 67, the ravens of Hel(l) (heljar hrafnar) who tear the eyes off backtalkers are mentioned. Two curses in the Poetic Edda say "may ravens tear your heart asunder"., and "the ravens shall tear out your eyes in the high gallows". Ravens are thus seen as instruments of divine (if harsh and unpleasant) justice.


Printed on Gildan 50/50 poly cotton blend, Iron Age Aesthetics hoodies are sturdy. Printed to order, and shipped out of the USA, if war or the apocalyptic calamity breaks out, expect shipping delays! 

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