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Iron Sunwheel Hooded Sweatshirt with Raven Tourque Back Print

Iron Sunwheel Hooded Sweatshirt with Raven Tourque Back Print

Honouring one of mankind's oldest sacred symbols, the Iron Sunwheel Hoodie represents a return to reverence for the lifegiving nature of the Solar Path. The Sunwheel represents the natural order and cycles of life, as documented in many precolonial cultures. The cyclical nature of four seasons, four stages of natural life, four cardinal directions, four times of day, and four sacred aspects of self (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual aspects) were all represented in various interpretations of this sacred wheel, divided into four equal quadrents. 

The back print features a Torque (also spelled Torc) with Raven's Heads. The Tourque was an important piece of Celtic jewelry, usually worn around the neck, from before 1200 BC to as late as 600 AD. The torque was powerful symbol, often held or worn by depictions of precolonial gods, representing the wearer's free-born status. Among Vikings, wealthy men or warriors not infrequently wore, in addition to various bracelets, similarly designed torques made of braided wires of bronze or silver, which not only made the rank and status, but at the same time could also be used as a means of payment and trade. Ravens are an iconic creature in the Norse world; a powerful symbol of war and justice, as two raven were believed to be the eyes and ears of the chief Viking all father, Odin.

Printed on Gildan 50/50 poly cotton blend, Iron Age Aesthetics hoodies are sturdy. Stock sometimes fluctuates, if we do not have your size at this time, please check back soon! Printed to order, and shipped out of the USA, if war or the apocalyptic calamity breaks out, expect shipping delays! 

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