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Solar Raider T-shirt (Black Print Only)

Solar Raider T-shirt (Black Print Only)

“Like other ancient peoples, the raiding herdsmen experienced an invisible force within themselves and in everything that they saw, heard, and touched. Storms, winds, trees, and rivers were not impersonal, mindless phenomena. The raiders felt an affinity with them, and revered them as divine. Humans, deities, animals, plants, and the forces of nature “spirit,” which the Avestans called mainyu and the Sanskrit-speakers manya. It animated, sustained, and bound them all together."

Printed on Bella Canvas shirts, Iron Age Aesthetics shirts are soft but sturdy. Printed to order, and shipped out of the USA, the ringspun cotton poly-blend shirts fit well in the biceps, shoulders, and chest for a more athletic look. Wash in cold water and hang, or machine dry on “delicate” to maintain proper size.  (The heather-coloured shirts have a higher poly blend, so tend to have less shrinkage). If war or the apocalyptic calamity breaks out, expect shipping delays!

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